Who I am? | ItsNuman

Who I am? | ItsNuman

As-salam u Alaykum: guys my name is Numan Rasheed belongs from Burewala city of District Vehari. I love to write, but due to shortening of time, I was unable to write anything. But now I started my blog my blog name is ItsNuman.com.

I already wrote my Intro in Urdu you can read by click on Urdu Intro I hope you will like and appreciate it. In this introduction post, I am going to tell you about some common things about me. But I will share my life details in the category of dairy.

Well, I am a student of Bachelor of science in computer science. I want to do a lot of things in my life .but as you one person cannot do all things at once. But he/she can cover all situations in different phases of life.i thought different things to do in my life (😂Lols😂 its funny) but I, In past, I was such a puzzled boy. Now I am trying to become a confident person.

Every person of my life I had, they discouraged me. When I thought to do something some of them said that oh you are a just ordinary boy you belong to a common family.you are just wasting your time in these things. These type of things are only for the rich people’s not for us.for some time I thought and felt maybe they are all right but in reality, I always followed others like sheep, and I did not use my brain and thinking ability.

But now I decided I will listen to everyone, but I will do what I want. Soon I took the decision. It’s too late, but finally, I made my own. Well, thanks to all of the readers who visited this page.

“Man will not get anything unless he works hard” (Surah al-Najm, 53:39).

In the next post, I will share more in sha Allah.

Oh, One more point the first time. I started my blog. But I am too weak in the English language so advance apology if I made any mistake in my posts.if you found any of, the error in my posts so please, tell me in the comment section, below or in private, using the contact form. Thankyou

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