What is WordPress? Beginners Guide

What is WordPress? Beginners Guide

What is WordPress Beginners GuideWhat is WordPress Beginners Guide

WordPress is an open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL included a lot of features like plugins, themes, and custom features.

in other words, WordPress is an online open source web creation tool written in PHP.its probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system.

What can WordPress do?

WordPress is an excellent website platform
variety of websites.
and for others. WordPress is a versatile CMS (Content Managment System).

Who uses WordPress?

WordPress is not for personal uses its also for company uses. If you are in any company or owner of your company and want to publish your content on the web you can do it easily using WordPress.
Many famous brands and companies are using WordPress platform around 500 plus, news and blogging companies like TechCrunch, Mashable, CNN, and The New York Times are using WordPress platform for publishing content on the web.

How to get started?

WordPress is free? Ammm yep that’s right  WordPress is 100% free.
There are two ways to use it.
1:  Hosted-Service
2:  Self-Hosted

Hosted-Service: Hosted service is free of cost blogging service provided by WordPress.com.its already hosted in WordPress own servers. just go on given link. create an account and start blogging.
But in hosted service, you can’t add themes manually and can’t customize it. each theme is provided by WordPress you can choose of them but can’t add more.
Manually Features are avail on just Self-Host service. just buy a host from suitable host providing companies and install on it.i just you BlueHost.

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Self Hosted:
  it can be download from WordPress.Org and you can host it manually in your hosting. All hosting service have one-click installation applications in their hosting services.

In self-host, you can add themes manually and make your site responsive and as you want. Self-host WordPress grant you full permission to customize your website toward your goal and allows you multiple other features. its sounds amazing that’s you can make your site in a very short time.
Bluehost is recommended by WordPress.

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