WordPress Blog Startup Guide For Beginners

WordPress Blog Startup Guide For Beginners

WordPress Blog Startup Guide For Beginners

You want to start a WordPress blog. WordPress is an excellent choice for a blog. Good Job man. WordPress blog creation is undoubtedly so simple and easy.

What things do you need to create a WordPress blog?

You need a domain name and hosting service for your blog. Here is a simple guide to starting a self-hosted WordPress blog.
Don’t worry if you don’t know the difference between, Hosted WordPress and Self-Hosted WordPress. Read Here

Understand these several steps to build a WordPress Blog.

  • signup to web Hosting ( BlueHost )
  • Pick your Hosting plan
  • Search domain name for your blog
  • Complete your registration process
  • Install WordPress
  • Login to your WordPress dashboard

Step1: Purchase web Host plus Domain name for Blog or Site.

Web host: Web host is an online physical location where’s you can host your web pages or web data.
(each website of any Organization, or Small and Big businesses, all are hosted, on the internet.)
Domain Name: In simple words, a Domain name is a web address and identification of your website.with this Adress user can access your web pages and find your web. i.e ( .edu, .com, .Org )
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How to signup For WordPress Hosting at Blue-host?

Blue host is affordable and fast hosting service and also recommended by WordPress.
1: Bluehost have three Plan of Hosting, but the basic plan is perfect for beginners. This plan has a low price.

Blue Host Hosting Plans

2: After selection of Plan, this page redirected to the next page. In the next page, you see a domain search box, type your desired Domain name for your blog. Then click on Next.

Domain Search Box

3: once more you will see a new page.  Bluehost ask you for your information like Name, Address Email Address Country etc.

Information Area

5: Below the information box, you see package details. Like whats free in this package and some extra optional extensions. If you want to add these click on checkbox extensions will be added automatically.

Package Information

6: In the final setup choose your Payment Method and click on submit to complete your purchase.
There are two payment methods.you can choose one of your favourite.first is a Credit/Debit Card, and the second is PayPal.

Payment Methods

Step 2: Install the WordPress Application in Hosting.

When made a payment, You will receive an email from Blue host.in this email you will receive the login details of your Blue Host account.

  1. Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.
Blue Host Login Page

2: after clicking on the submit button. You will be on Bluehost cPanel Page. Find the Website section and select Install WordPress.

Bluehost cPanel Area

3: Click on the Install button.

4: Pick the domain name to install it. In the area next to the domain, you can insert a manual folder called as subfolder.such as ‘blog’ or leave it empty. If you require, the site’s main page to be the blog.

Pick The Domain

5: After picking the domain WordPress to start checking the previous installation. If this domain has already set up, then WordPress ask you to override it.

WordPress domain checking

6: Scan by the license and service agreements and click on the checkboxes.
Click on the Install Now button.

Final Step

Next time I will tell you about the customisation of WordPress and other features of WordPress. “happy blogging.” 
(Stay with me Thank You)

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