Intro to WordPress Dashboard.

Intro to WordPress Dashboard.

In the last article, I told you about installation of WordPress. That how to purchase host for your WordPress blog and hot to install it with one click. I hope you got something from my previous post and I will try to do more do easy.

Intro to WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress dashboard also knows as CMS (Content Management System) and admin panel. What we can do using this CMS or admin panel.

What things we can do using WordPress Platform?

Using WordPress, we can do many different things in one place.we can make, Posts, Pages, Categories, and add Media, we can customise themes same as we want. Change settings etc.
Want to add more extra features for your blog or site. Don’t worry WordPress developers helps you via plugins. Just add the plugins and make your blog or website more useful.
I am going to tell you, how we can use WordPress (CMS).

WordPress Dashboard

its main area of WordPress Dashboard.here you can Monte your all website or blog activity, like information of coming visitors, visitor location, and other activity.

What is Glance?:

At the Glance

Glance is the block where you can see that, how many posts you have published, on your blog.how many comments you have on your posts.and how many pages you have edited or created.

Also, you can see, what WordPress version you are running and what theme you installed, on your blog.

Akismet is a spam filtering service launched by WordPress Parent Organization Automattic.
If you activated Akismet, then you can see numbers of bot or spam comments that are blocked by Akismet.its an excellent service by Automattic.

Activity Block:

Activity Block

A block where you can see recently published posts, recent comments numbers of approved comments, pending comments, Spam Comments, Trashed comments.

Quick Draft:

Quick Draft

It is a quick drafting feature by WordPress.if you got an idea about something, but you can’t write right now due to shorting of time, or some other reasons, and you are worried about forgotten of the concept or idea. Simple you write the title and give some short description. That makes sure when you see this title and description. Your brain helps to remember the whole idea. And you able to write it same as you thought.

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